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Sunday 6 Jul 2008
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Back Into Ho Chi Minh City - Rain :(

Yet again we are back in to Ho Chi Minh City - But today its been a little wet.. I know we are used to rain - but until you see this it really is unreal. Within about 30 minutes the road was completely blocked. Water was upto car bumpers, and causing scooters to cut

Andrew was completely taken by as an american fell in the water, and was in love with the 'Oh Man' phrase !! haha.. As it was a little of a wet day, we dedided to go and tour some local indoor places.

We started off at the 'Renummeration Palace' which until you see the pics, words cannot describe how 'Grande' and nice it is. We have wifi access now, and im hopin JJ will spare his laptop long enough to stick up some off the 400+ pics i have taken so far..

After a few bottles of beer awaiting the rain to clear (as you do when they were 8'000 each - cheaper than a can o coke - 20p) we decided to try the War Museum - where the heavens just opened..

As its midnight here, we are gonna call this internet it for the night, but as before all is going good - postcards are on the way - and tomorrow we are flying to Hanoi where we shall be taking a 3 day tour of Halong Bay on what is called a Deluxe Junk Boat - Should be an experience..


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