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Thursday 9 Aug
Sapa, Vietnam

Aint no mountain high ehough....

Well, arrived back in Hanoi and spent another couple of days there just touring round the city with Tho, we went to see Uncle Ho in his mausoleum but it was shut, maybe they had do a bit of maintenance on the little fella. Said goodbye to Tho over a meal of skewered crocodile, very tasty by the way, bit like pork but not as fatty, then i was off again, on the sleeper train to Sapa. Thank god this time theyd given me the cabin i asked four, a four bed air con sleeper with soft matress, it was heaven.

Arrived at six am in the morning and spent the next couple of days there in the mountains. Sapas stunning, like the Alps but covered in rain forest. I hired a motorbike guide and he took me around the countryside for half the day stopping off for breakfast at the side of the road, some young girl who had a wok full of charcoal and a small grill. The three of us sat under her tarp, eating rice sausages and green tea (yeah you can make sausages out of just rice, using bamboo poles, tremendous with a bit of chilli sauce).

On my last night in Sapa, i bumped into three dutch lads who were with a couple of girls from Holland aswell and a young Vietnamese girl. After the bar closed, she asks us if we want to go to a karaoke, so we wandered around the town for ages but everywhere closed,. After about ten minutes walking through the pitch black, we come to this little shack at the back of as hotel. We goes in and theres about twenty Vietnamese in there, with six crates of beer in the middle of the room, a telly and two microphones, as soon as we walked in they handed us a bottle of beer each, and made some room for us to sit down,( dead welcoming the Vietnamese,) then we were off, on the piss with the locals,singing karaoke in Vietnamese.

So that was it for Sapa really, not much happening apart from nice scenery and hill tribe people, so back on the train to Hanoi, meeting up with the two dutch girls for a Bia Hoi bar crawl tommorrow before i catch a forty eight hour sleeper train to Beijing.

Goodnight children wherever you are ............


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Calm down calm Down

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